Keith Vaughan 1912-1977

A self-taught painter, Keith Vaughan travelled widely in the UK, France and Spain in 1958, the USA and Mexico in 1959 and Greece in 1960.


Directly influenced by Cézanne and Picasso, Vaughan started out as a painter of synthetically composed landscapes and compositions with figures that are solidly drawn in a single line and painted in flat colours. Later these figures and three-dimensional forms in general became fragmented into more subtly coloured facets. As his development continued he seems to have been drawn to a relative abstraction, restoring an allusive reality through a pleasing juxtaposition of multiple, brightly coloured surfaces. His works were often grouped into series, such as those of the Assemblies of Figures of 1953 to 1956 or the Lazarus series of 1956 to 1959.