Edward Middleditch 1923-1987


Dr I.M.D. Little 

Beaux Arts Gallery, London

Private Collection, UK


The South Bank Centre, Edward Middleditch, 1988, cat. no. 38, col. ill., p. 12. 


Middleditch was profoundly affected by his experience of the
Second World War and rarely do people or anything man-made find
there way into his work. Although stylistically grouped with ‘The Kitchen
Sink Painters’ the artist draws on nature for his inspiration, transporting
hills, rocks, water and in this case vegetation and animal life to the

As Helen Lessore noted in the exhibition catalogue of The South
Bank Centre show:

“ Middleditch always confronts his subject head on, and places it
centrally in the picture-space. He is pre-occupied with ideas or
problems about composition. What he has seen itself dictates the
composition. That is to say, he is really concerned with making, not
so much a picture as an image . . . He has no mannerisms, but that
much bigger quality: style. He is a maker of memorable images.”