Caro / Golding: In Conversation
British Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery

Art Fairs 20 - 23 September 2018

At the British Art Fair 2018, Piano Nobile has been invited to curate a project space. Caro / Golding: In Conversation will be the first to align the work of these life-long friends and to explore their affinities and shared influences. Their radical interpretations of American Abstract Expressionism made them pioneers in reshaping British art: Caro (1924-2013) through his de-plinthed, welded and bolted sculpture; and Golding (1929-2012) through his seminal analysis of cubism, followed by his impressive and diverse colour field paintings, principally in acrylic and pastel.  


Piano Nobile will show these two artists and friends at the moment they arrive at their creative maturity in the early Seventies. Both moved from figurative references into a language of pure abstraction, and remained fascinated by how their works could affect the human body. Representing Caro in the exhibition will be a number of sculptures from his ‘Table Piece’ series. Conceived to relate to the viewer on a human scale, occupying desks and tables, they mark a shift in his work as he returned to the use of plinths, while still challenging the boundaries of traditional sculptural forms. Golding is represented by early figurative work that gives way to large canvases featuring expansive blocks of colour. From works in acrylic that envelop the viewer’s vision to the tactile quality of pastel, Golding continually sought to engage his audience in a bodily experience. Letters between these two giants of international abstraction will display the personal bonds that informed their intertwined artistic projects.