Kaspar Hauser: The Holy Fool & The Path of Sacrifice

Paintings & Sculpture by Greg Tricker
Johannes Steuck and Jonathan Stedall, 2006

Publisher: Millwheel Art Press

ISBN: 0-95428731-2

Dimensions: 23 x 34 x 2 cm

Pages: 143

This inspired collection of over forty original paintings by Greg Tricker portrays the extraordinary life of Kaspar Hauser.


He was born a Prince, yet confined as a child to an underground prison for over twelve years, living on bread and water with a small toy horse to play with. He stumbled out onto the streets of Nuemberg in 1828 and he became famous throughout Europe for his remarkable abilities and intriguing character. He was later cruelly assassinated.


The paintings, with their visionary quality present a fresh, contemporary image of Kaspar Hauser, portrayed as the oly Fool, on a path of sacrifice akin to the suffering of Christ.


The mysterious life of Kaspar Hauser and his historical background is challengingly explored by the writer and artist, Johannes Steuck, and is complemented by an insightful foreword by Jonathan Stedall.