John Armstrong's recent auction records feature in the ATG

Antiques Trade Gazette

Recent auction records for post-war paintings by John Armstrong and Piano Nobile's 2015 exhibition of John Armstrong's paintings from 1938 to 1958 feature in an article by Alex Capon for the weekly edition of Antiques Trade Gazette. Capon describes John Armstrong as "an artist on the up" due to two record prices at auctions for post-war Lamorna-era works by Armstrong. Capon writes "Over the last decade, private buyers such as The Ingram Collection have become active in the market while exhibitions have added further recognition. John Armstrong: Paintings 1938-1958 - An Enchanted Distance was held by London dealers Piano Nobile at the end of last year, while Penlee House Gallery & Museum in Penzance are now planning a retrospective for 2017."


For further information on Piano Nobile's recent John Armstrong exhibition please click here.  

January 30, 2016
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