Cyril Mann

The Solid Shadow Paintings
Softback 56 pages
Publisher: Piano Nobile Publications
ISBN: 978-1-901192-52-0
Dimensions: 20 x 23 cm

Published to accompany Piano Nobile's exhibition of the same title, Cyril Mann: The Solid Shadow Paintings is the first book to describe this vivid and art historically significant group of still-life paintings. As well as including a fully-illustrated catalogue of the exhibition, the book describes how Mann's solid shadow style emerged in the early nineteen-fifties. Though Mann spent the rest of his career painting natural light, the solid shadow paintings were made under the glow of an electric lightbulb. After moving into a lightless flat at Old Street, Mann’s pictures began to course with unnatural, electric colour. For the first time, he noticed the line that joins together an object with the shadow it casts. He depicted this line in his paintings as if it were itself a solid object, laid on the table before him beside apples and Pelican paperbacks.


Undertaken between 1951 and 1957, Mann's solid shadow paintings were a dazzling interjection in the subdued art world of fifties Britain. This was his most original period and it stands as his lasting contribution to the history of twentieth-century painting. These works have never been displayed together before and the accompanying exhibition to this catalogue will provide an insight into the artist’s radiant formal language.

Cyril Mann: The Solid Shadow Paintings
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