Thomas Newbolt

Finding Faces in the Dark
Martin Gayford, 2012
Thomas Newbolt: Finding Faces in the Dark
Publisher: Piano Nobile / Robert Travers (2012)
Dimensions: 20.3 x 21 x 0.5 cm
Pages: 28
ISBN: 1901192326
£ 15.00

Published to accompany Piano Nobile's Spring 2012 exhibition of Thomas Newbolt's portraits, this fully-illustrated catalogue written by Martin Gayford illustrates Newbolt's series of intimate, atmospheric portraits painted largely at dusk and dawn. Faces emerge from the darkness, suddenly, startlingly close, built up with dense layers of thickly applied pigment, astonishingly solid and present. Thomas Newbolt is a contemporary British artist, and has been a gallery artist with Piano Nobile for several years. His work is represented in major collections internationally and in 2013 he won the Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Competition.