Frank Auerbach

The Sitters
Frank Auerbach: The Sitters
Publisher: Piano Nobile Publications
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9781901192629
£ 100.00

Frank Auerbach: The Sitters provides a comprehensive overview of the artist’s portraiture. It reveals the special connection between the artist and his ‘sitters’ - the small group of dedicated models who have been Auerbach’s chief subject over a career spanning seven decades. A comprehensive list of his sitters has been compiled here for the first time, providing new biographical information about his models from E.O.W. to J.Y.M. and beyond.


Frank Auerbach: The Sitters includes a wide range of contributors. An essay by the art critic William Feaver describes the experience of sitting for Auerbach, while a conversation from 2001 between the artist and Martin Gayford describes Auerbach’s intentions and process. Auerbach’s close friendship with the art historian Michael Podro is also explored, with a short memoir by Natasha Podro and a re-published, little known essay from 1969 by Podro himself.


Forty paintings and drawings from 1956 to 2020 are illustrated in colour, with thoroughly researched catalogue entries that shed new light on the artist’s relationships and his work. The publication accompanies Piano Nobile’s exhibition Frank Auerbach: The Sitters, held in autumn 2022.