Sunflowers, Peter Coker

Set Alongside 'Meditations'
Andrew Lambirth, Carrie Etter, 2012
Sewn paperback
Sunflowers, Peter Coker: Set Alongside 'Meditations'
Publisher: Piano Nobile Publications
Dimensions: 239 x 282mm
Pages: 36
ISBN: 978-0-9569920-2-4
£ 15.00

The fifth edition of The Nobile Folios explores Sunflowers 1958/9 by Peter Coker RA (1926-2004).


The folio unearths Coker's powerful vision of still life painting and sets free the remarkable handling of paint in this unique work. Our perception of the era in which it was painted, the artist, and the painting are deepened by art critic Andrew Lambirth's introduction and poet Carrie Etter's meditations on the painting and its resonance on life and death.


36 pages, 10 images | 239 x 282mm

Sewn paperback | ISBN 978-0-9569920-2-4