Cyril Mann 1911-1980

Works on Paper
John Russell Taylor, 1994
Sewn paperback

Publisher: Piano Nobile publications.

Dimensions: 21 x 28 x 0.4 cm

Pages: 17

With an introduction by renowned Times critic John Russell Taylor, this catalogue, with eight colour plates and numerous additional black and white illustrations, spans the impressive career of Cyril Mann, focusing on his works on paper. John Russell Taylor writes: "If ever there was an artist for whom painting was as natural as breathing, it was Cyril Mann. He learned how to channel his instincts, and he never ceased to examine them in order to express them with ever more unsparing honesty. Illustrating a variety of genres, inlcuding intimate depictions of nudes, colourful still-lifes and cityscapes of Mann's native London, this catalogue is a rarely seen publication and a testament to Mann's output on paper.