Mark Gertler: Works 1912-28

A Tremendous Show of Vitality
Sarah MacDougall, 2012
Mark Gertler: Works 1912-28: A Tremendous Show of Vitality
Publisher: Piano Nobile Publications
Dimensions: 28.4 x 24 x 1.4 cm
Pages: 80
ISBN-13: 978-1901192339
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This lavishly illustrated book accompanies an exhibition celebrating the achievements of Mark Gertler (1891-1939), comprising works from 1912 to 1928. It charts Gertler's career from an early British modernist at the close of the Edwardian era, through his most radical period during the years of the First World War, to the 'return to order' of the 1920s, when Gertler was recognized as a consummate painter with a highly individual vision. This publication provides a rare opportunity to see both celebrated and little-known paintings and drawings from a number of UK private collections by one of the leading exponents of early twentieth-century British painting. Examples of Gertler's experimental figurative work in this period include three of his four boxing studies shown together here for the first time and two rarely exhibited drawings for his iconic anti-war painting, Merry-Go-Round (1916), both of which caused an 'outcry' when first exhibited.