Dora Holzhandler obituary features in The Guardian

Philip Vann

British artist Dora Holzhandler, represented by the gallery for several years, died on 8 October 2015. Writing in The Guardian, Philip Vann, described her thus:


Dora was sometimes described as a naive painter, and her art certainly has an enchanting, childlike innocence of perception and perspective. Nevertheless, there was an intuitive sophistication about her outlook, artistically and philosophically, which endows her work with a deeper, perhaps more esoteric spirit. She was, first and foremost, an original modern British visionary artist – neither a raw outsider nor a slick art world insider – a point made by the ingeniously ambiguous and mischievous title of her 2006 Ben Uri Gallery retrospective, Outside In or Inside Out.


Dora Holzhandler is also represented by a self-portrait in the Ruth Borchard Next Generation Collection, purchased after the 2011 Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize. To view her work on the Ruth Borchard Collection website click here


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October 24, 2015
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