Outstanding Exhibit

Masterpiece 2022

Paula Rego, Island of the Lights from Pinocchio, 1996 awarded outstanding exhibit at Masterpiece Art Fair


Island of the Lights from Pinocchio draws together images from the cult Disney film Pinocchio (1940). The ‘Island of the Lights’ was originally called ‘Pleasure Island’ in the film and, before that, ‘Boobyland’ in the original children’s story by Carlo Collodi. The magical island is a place where unruly children are taken to be punished and, while there, they are transformed into donkeys. They are subsequently sold for slave labour, working in salt mines and the circus. Rego’s drawing focuses on the event of physical transformation, and the resulting inversion of the hierarchy between humans and animals.

The work will be exhibited at Masterpiece Art Fair from 29 June - 6 July 2022.

For further information please contact the gallery.
June 29, 2022