Tate's Sickert exhibition supported by Piano Nobile


Tate Britain's retrospective of Walter Sickert is supported by Piano Nobile. Running from April to September, the exhibition will be the first large-scale retrospective of Sickert's work since the Royal Academy's exhibition in 1992. It follows Piano Nobile's own critically acclaimed exhibition, Sickert: The Theatre of Life, which was curated with Richard Shone and finished in December 2021. As well as supporting Tate Britain, Piano Nobile has also helped to organise a number of loans to the exhibition.


After it closes in September, the exhibition will travel to the Petit Palais in Paris. It will be the first large-scale display of Sickert's work in the French capital since his lifetime. The Petit Palais's former director, Delphine Lévy, who died unexpectedly in 2020, was a key instigator behind the organisation of the exhibition. Piano Nobile's publication Sickert: The Theatre of Life was dedicated to her memory.

April 5, 2022