Pembroke College purchases Jean Cooke's painting 'Cinema Paradiso'


We are pleased to announce that Jean Cooke's painting 'Cinema Paradiso', c. 1980s, has been purchased by the Pembroke College JCR Art Fund Collection, Oxford, and will be joining Pembroke College's significant collection of post-war British art. This painting, alongside many other works from the Jean Cooke estate represented by Piano Nobile, featured in the exhibition 'JOHN BRATBY AND JEAN COOKE: WHO IS SLAVING AT THE KITCHEN SINK?' held at Pembroke College between 30th of April and 12th of June 2015. The painting, thought to be of Jean Cooke's teenage daughter and an unknown male companion, will be united in Pembroke's collection with a portrait of John Bratby of Jean Cooke. 


We are delighted to begin a collaborative relationship with Pembroke College JCR Art and look forward to contributing in future to their innovative programme of exhibitions and events. 

August 12, 2015