Kings Place Minimalism Unwrapped Programme Reviewed

The Financial Times

The Financial Times's Laura Battle reviews the Kings Place music programme for 2015, Minimalism Unwrapped in this short film. Meeting Peter Millican, CEO of Kings Place, composer Stephen Montague and sound artist Scanner, and attending a reheasal of Terry Riley's In C, by the London Sinfonietta, this film previews a fascinating and diverse series of concerts throughout the year.


Opening in conjunction with Minimalism Unwrapped, is Piano Nobile Kings Place's inaugural exhibition, John Golding: Finding the Absolute. Co-curator Dr Charlotte de Mille explores the shared themes and motifs between Golding’s 1960s works and Minimalist music. As Minimalist composers are concerned with processes and languages of composing, so Golding’s paintings are subtly varied in echoes of colour tones and repeated formal motifs. 


For more information on the exhibition please visit our website or contact the gallery. 


For more information on the Kings Place music programme please visit the Kings Place website


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January 15, 2015
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