Michael Andrews


Private Collection, UK, acquired directly from the artist


2019, London, Piano Nobile, Craigie Aitchison and the Beaux Arts Generation, 14 Nov. 2019 - 29 Jan. 2020, cat. no. 32


Susan Campbell, Craigie Aitchison and the Beaux Arts Generation, 2019, Piano Nobile Publications, cat. no. 32, pp. 106-107 (col. illus.)
This collage of eight life drawings was made in preparation for Late Evening on a Summer Day (1957, Private Collection). The painting is an Edenic vision of youth and romance, depicting amorous couples who lounge in an expansive garden setting. Over three metres wide, the great size of Late Evening on a Summer Day necessitated extensive preparatory studies, some of which are collaged to this board. Notes on the board refer to ‘Cupid’, colour arrangements (celadon, light green grey, white), and some of the individual studies have been signed, suggesting the artist’s creative pride in this preparatory work. The life studies mostly show recumbent figures, though there are also indications of the round arched pergola that appears in the final painting.

The board is one of the earliest examples of Andrews’ distinctive pinboard style of preparation. A few years later, he swapped drawings for found imagery such as newspaper cuttings and photographs. In the course of making All Night Long (1962–3, National Gallery of Victoria), however, Andrews reintroduced life studies alongside found images; he freely mixed the two together for the rest of his career.