Anthony Caro 1924-2013


Private Collection, Germany


D.Bume, Anthony Caro Catalogue Raisonne VI, Cologne, 1987, no.1761 p.163 (illustrated)

In Anthony Caro’s mature works of the 80’s there is a growing evidence of phenomena which differ distinctly from his abstract works of the previous twenty years. This is reflected in both the outward appearance of these sculptures, which are increasingly concerned with an approach towards and coming to terms with the problems of architecture, and also, in those works which by virtue of their title and formal criteria, are a medium for Caro’s interest in the past. Here we have the mature artist in his attitude to the art of his own saeculum and the history of art of past times.

Caro’s imagination has been captured by mythological themes in frescoes, reliefs, or pediments of Greek Temples. Between 1984 and 1986 he created ‘Variations on an Indian Theme’ from a medieval Indian sandstone relief of two female warrior figures from the 11th C. in Madya Pradesh. This work is the sixth from a series of ten different patinated high-reliefs in which moulded pictures of human bodies in various phases of abstraction are framed by constructional welded parts.

Caros’ main concern here is transparency and density, space and volume and reflects his cubist roots and the interaction between his imaginative thinking and the selected material.