Harold Gilman 1876-1919


The Artist’s Family

Fine Art Society, London

Piano Nobile, London

Private Collection, USA


Fine Arts Society Camden Town Recalled October - November 1976 no.29 and Spring 1992 no. 51 


Harold Gilman 1876-1919 Arts Council of Great Britain 1981 Spencer Gore & His Circle, Piano Nobile 1996 p.12 (illustrated)

In late 1910 or early 1911 Gilman visited Paris with Ginner and Frank Rutter, to see collections of Modern Painitngs and possibly visited Sickert in Dieppe on the way home. At this time, under the influence of Sickert, his painting developed a less unified surface, using a mosaic of opaque touches and a higher colour register.‘Hampstead Road’ was painted at this significant time, as the Camden Town Group was forming, in June 1911.

This little work masterfully captures the London street scene observed by Gilman in a post-impressionistic manner. It’s early date places him and his Camden Town Group contemporaries at the heart of the British post-impressionist movement. Gilman’s career whilst short was important, especially in its distinctive response to Post-Impressionism. He lent his home at Letchworth to Spencer Gore in 1912 and following Gore’s death took over his class at the Westminster School of Art which Gore had inherited from Sickert.

Gilman succumbed to the great influenza epidemic which swept through Europe in 1919.