•  Alongside the gallery's primary focus on sourcing and selling exceptional works of art, we offer a number of advisory and curatorial services. 




    Advisory Services

    We provide expert guidance to individuals, corporations and institutions on acquisitions and dispersals.


    We offer appraisals and valuations for a range of financial matters, encompassing insurance, probate, taxation and inheritance. 


     We can provide professional insight on navigating the, at times, impenetrable world of auction houses, advising and assisting on buying or selling at auction.



  • Curatorial Services

    We can advise and enact all aspects of presentation of art works including framing, installation and lighting.


    With an extensive network of conservators and restorers, we can facilitate the best quality of care for individual pieces. 


    We work with clients to suggest tailored collection management strategies, encompassing insurance, transportation, security, issues arrising from import and export implications, and organising museum loans. 


    We are delighted to offer clients unparalleled art world experiences based on our network of museum and gallery contacts including behind-the-scenes tours of museums and art fairs.